As the dominant search engine, Google has a responsibility to provide timely resources and fight misinformation. Search Advocate Daniel Waisberg explains some of the company’s initiatives in this clip from Live with Search Engine Land.


“I’ve been working almost 100% of my time on corona-related stuff,” said Daniel Waisberg, search advocate for Google, “As part of the search engineering team, we kind of see what’s going on and try to understand what are all the initiatives [and] how they align.”

“When it comes to webmasters, [we] hope you all saw the [Schema] event stuff,” he provided as an example of how the search engine is helping site owners and users navigate the crisis. “The team has been working really hard to make that happen — there was a change in done quickly from the search team. It published on the blog, then Google updated the developer documentation; we published a blog post; now there’s also a message on Search Console if you have events markup,” Waisberg said.

During our first Live with Search Engine Land session, Waisberg also spoke about what the company is doing for enterprises with its G Suite tools, how it’s fighting misinformation on Google Ads and YouTube, coordinating with health organizations and government entities as well as its COVID-19 resources portal.

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